Chemistry between Vanity and Geometry. VANITY AFFAIR by Fast & Furious Office

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Manuel Ocaña.

Manuel Ocaña, Miguel Molins. Fast and Furious Office

Manuel Ocaña is an architect and professor of Design at the Technical School of Architecture of Madrid and has been at various national and international universities. His work has been exhibited in several international exhibitions such as the 14th Venice Biennale of Architecture (2014) representing Spain. His work has been published, nationally and internationally, more than a hundred times. Highlighting prestigious magazines such as El Croquis, A + U, Volume, Bauwelt, Arquitectura Viva, A10, METALOCUS and Diseño Interior- and has published a monograph (eXcepto 18).

Miguel Molins is an architect graduated with honors from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, where he works as assistant professor of Undergraduate and Master's Architectural Projects. He has worked with Manuel Ocaña since 2007, with whom he became associated in 2012 and founded Manuel Ocaña Fast & Furious Production Office in 2015.

Manuel OCAÑA

Manuel Ocaña. Born in Salamanca (Spain) in 1966, he moved to Madrid during that same year. Architect from Madrid Technical School of Architecture  (ETSAM), where he graduated in 1992, he founded the practice Manuel Ocaña Architects in Madrid in 2000.

Manuel Ocaña currently lectures at ETSAM, Madrid Technical School of Architecture, and directs an on-line Design Studio at the IE School of Architecture. He has participated in diverse international exhibitions and lectured worldwide. His ideas and built work have been awarded several prizes. His work has been widely published in highlighted media such as El Croquis, Bauwelt, Arquitectura Viva, Metalocus or A10 among others. Moreover, his projects have been compiled in a monograph (eXcepto 18) which features the office’s motto: Architectural practice as contemporary thought production.



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