Completion of Metro de Madrid Headquarters and Transport Complex by Andrés Perea + Nexo + Gutiérrez-delaFuente

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Architecture team.- Pasquale Ludovico, María Herranz, Silvia Acera, José Antonio Arias, Teresa Castillo, Javier García, Flavio Martella, Eva Martínez, Marta Guedán, Ignacio Cimadevilla, Alejandro Estébanez, Laura Puchades, José Mª Nuñez (concurso).
Surveyor.- Carrión Arquitectura Técnica.
Landscape.- Batlle i Roig Arquitectes.
Structure and MEP.- Valladares Ingeniería, BAC Ingeniería, Aiguasol.
Green Building Certification.- VERDE – GBCe.
Safety Management.- Safecor.
Technical Risk Management.- CPV-CEP Ibérica, INCOSA.
3D visualization.- Three_visual.
Model.- MaqGil Maquetas, Gilberto Ruiz.
Metro de Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid (Madrid Regional Government).
Ferrovial Agromán, COMSA, ECISA-MURIAS.
1st Prize Competition in 2 phases, 2016.
First phase completed - New Metro de Madrid Headquarters, 2016/2022.
Avenida de Asturias, Plaza Castilla, Madrid, Spain.

Andrés Perea

Andrés Perea Ortega (Bogotá 1940 - Madrid November 16, 2023) was born in Bogotá, due to his family's exile during the Spanish Civil War.

A Spaniard, he studied at the ETSAM, graduating in 1965.

His long professional career has allowed him to share with countless architects collaborators in constructive production, and students of Architecture here as a teacher, researcher, and understanding of architecture, always as creative work.

An effort that has earned awards and distinctions, and also failures and mistakes as the human being he pretends to be.

Madrid, Bogota autumn 2022.

Natalia Gutiérrez, Julio de la Fuente. Gutiérrez - de la Fuente Arquitectos

Gutiérrez - de la Fuente Arquitectos office was founded in 2006 in Madrid by Natalia Gutiérrez and Julio de la Fuente. The founders studied Architecture at ETSAM (Madrid School of Architecture), and continued their training in Madrid, and Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris.

Natalia Gutiérrez was Member of the Young Architects Committee (2013), and the Ethics Committee (2010-2012) in the Professional Association of Architects in Madrid COAM. Currently Natalia combines the office with her position as city planner in a town of the Madrid Metropolitan Area. Curator Madrid/AUE pavilion in Seoul Biennale, 2019.

Julio de la Fuente was Member of the National Jury in the international competition Europan 12 Germany and Poland (Foreing Member of the German and Polish Jury 2013), and member of the Jury in Europan 14 Spain (2017). Now, he is Member of the Europan Europe Technical Committee (2013-).  COAM Official Correspondent in Germany (2015-17). Curator Madrid/AUE pavilion in Seoul Biennale, 2019.

Portrait by ©Davide Curatola.

Lourdes Carretero, Manuel Leira, Ivan Carbajosa. Nexo Arquitectura

Lourdes Carretero, Manuel Leira and Ivan Carbajosa founded Nexo Arquitectura in 2004 in Madrid. Since that, the studio has challenged to obtain the best approach in each project, trying to re-invent eachother, explore new territories and get unexpected solutions.

The international ideas competition, indeed, has been the vehicle to test their architecture in all kinds of scenarios and scales, developing their personal research and architectural language with freedom.

The common denominator of Nexo's projects is to re-think the project´s strategy approaching the programs proposed and the site concerns. From the first prize to build 1,300 social housing  for the IVIMA in Los Berrocales, Madrid, to a one million inhabitants Sustainable City in China with Eduardo Leira, Nexo has been  focus on challenging and questioning programs, environmental aspects and formal research, having always the target to get a unique/unexpected  human experience in all projects proposed.

After winning the competition for the Integral Center of Transport in Madrid in 2016, the work is currently nearing completion, representing one of the most powerful developments in the north of the capital. The experience gained in the field of sustainability has allowed the development of very ambitious projects in their environmental efficiency, even building the new Metro de Madrid headquarters as a building with almost zero energy with cutting-edge technologies.



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