Duality and domestic balance. Golf House by Mariano Fiorentini

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Mariano Fiorentini.
Project designer.- Mariano Fiorentini. Project manager.- Mariano Fiorentini. Interior designer.- Mariano Fiorentini. Collaborators.- Arch. Paulina Medina, Arch. Joana Severini, Arch. Leonel Bertuccelli, Arch. Ignacio Foyatier. Constructors.- Edilizia, Constructions Developments. Calculation of structures.- Eng. Sergio Faci, Eng. Federico Zegna Rata. Lighting Advisor.- Fernando Piedrabuena. Acoustics Advisors.- Ing. Pablo J. Miechi, Ing. Vivian Pasch. Landscaping.- Flora Martín.
Built area.- 838 sqm. Site area.- 2006 sqm.
KCC, Funes, Santa Fe, Argentina.
Photography Fotografía
Ramiro Sosa.

Mariano Enzo Fiorentini

Mariano Enzo Fiorentini was born in Rosario, Argentina. In 2001 he graduated as an architect and forged his first steps with prestigious architects such as Rafael Iglesia, Gerardo Caballero, and Marcelo Villafañe.

In 2003 he embarked on a journey of self-knowledge and personal development and landed in Barcelona where he made his way participating in the execution of projects of high symbolic and conceptual value for b720 architects and GCA architects among others.

In 2008 he became the right hand of the talented interior designer of the Catalan "jet set" Estrella Salietti where he laid the foundations for founding his studio in mid-2009. 

The wide range of thematic projects that he carries out allows him a high degree of creative expression while sharing a common spirit, achieving maximum complicity with the client, and establishing a code of connection that allows him to manifest his dream.



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