From former airport containers to art gallery. Tank Shanghai by OPEN Architecture

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Open Architecture. Principal in Charge.- LI Hu, HUANG Wenjing.
Project Team
Qing Ye, Ren Luo, Victor Quiros, Tingting Zhou, Xiuyuan Chen, Zhentao Li, Yao Zhao, Di Lu, Han Jia, Yiwen Zhang, Steven Shi, Xiaochen Zhou, Zhonghan Huang, Laurence Chan, Cynthia Yurou Cui, Qi Yang, Can Ge, Qi Gao, Stephanie Lee, Boan Jin, Hao Zhang, Mangyuan Wang, Dihua Yan, Chang Zhang, Tomas Kowalsky, Simin Jiang.
Local Design Institute.- Tongji Architectural Design Group. LDI Team.- SUN Xiaolan, ZHANG Xinpei, SHE Xiang (Architecture); YU Jinxin, YU Fayang (Structure); TANG Zhenzhong, WU Pan, SUN Xiaofeng, ZHOU Dong (MEP). Landscape Design.- OPEN Architecture + Beijing EDSA Orient Planning & Landscape Architecture Co., Ltd. Lighting Consultant.- Shanghai Ming Chi Architecture and Engineering Co., Ltd.
Shanghai West Bund Development Group + Tank Shanghai.
Building Area.- 10,845.0 m². Site Area.- 47,448.0 m²
Art Galleries, Event Spaces, Restaurant, Café, Live Music Club, Museum Offices and Art Storage.
2380 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai.
Qingshan Wu, INSAW Image, Fangfang Tian, Hao Chen.


OPEN Architecture is a team of international architects and designers, with collaborators across different disciplines to practice urbanism, architecture, interior and the production of strategies in the context of new challenges of our time. It was founded by Li Hu and Huang Wenjing in New York City. It established the Beijing office in 2006.

OPEN believes that research and collaboration are the foundation for design and creation.  In recent years, OPEN’s research has focused on the social and environmental problems associated with the unprecedented speed of urban development in Asian countries, especially China. This research has enabled OPEN’s practice to be deeply rooted in the social and economic context of our time. While remaining idealistic and persistent, OPEN’s practice directly deals with the problems and challenges of our time and strives to create architecture and urban spaces that establish a new relationship with nature and society. OPEN collaborates with experts from different disciplines for architecture to broaden and enrich the potential of each unique project. OPEN has also built up expertise in sustainability and collaborative working relationships with some of the leading engineers and institutions in the field.

Li Hu was a partner at Steven Holl Architects, before focusing on the practice at OPEN. He founded and led SHA’s Beijing office, and was the partner-in-charge for the firm’s many award-winning projects in Asia. Since 2009, Li has become the director of Columbia University GSAPP’s Studio-X Beijing.

Huang Wenjing was a senior designer and associate at Pei Cobb Freed and Partners Architects prior to founding OPEN. Besides practice, she was also a visiting assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong. She taught part-time at Tsinghua University in Beijing as well.




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