An inside-outside mixture. Primary School by AZAB

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AZAB. Principal Architect.- Cristina Acha, Miguel Zaballa, Andrés Iza
Design team
Ion Gozalo, Alexander Monasterio, Iñaki Herran
Structural Architect.- Jon Bilbao. MEP Engineer.- Unai Martínez de la Hidalga
Opacua S.A.

Cristina Acha, Miguel Zaballa, Ane Arce, Iñigo Berasategui AZAB

Azab is established in 2018 by Cristina Acha, Miguel Zaballa, Ane Arce and Iñigo Berasategui. Architects from different generations, they lace their shared interests on cultural and social concerns. Common to their diverse projects is the combination of efficiency and imagination to emerge new synergies and relations that remain hidden on each specific context. Their projects have been wide published in magazines, blogs and specialized media in architecture.

Azab understands architecture as an aesthetic transforming practice . In order to achieve it, Azab produces images, spaces, objects, texts or buildings which explore the margins between the political, the social and the ludic.




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