Kenitra High-speed rail station and transit hub by Silvio d’Ascia Architecture + Omar Kobbité Architectes

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Silvio d’Ascia Architecture. Architects in Charge.- G. Perino, E. Seif, F. Nicolosi, A. Ares Sainz. --- Associate Architect.- Omar Kobbité Architectes: O. Kobbité, F. Mannella, E. Giudice.
ONCF - Office National des Chemins de Fer.
TPF Pyramide Ingénierie, Control office.- DEKRA, SPC Coordinator.- SOGEA Maroc
13500.0 m²

Silvio d’Ascia. Silvio d’Ascia Architecture

Silvio d’Ascia Architecture. The agency was founded in 2001 in Paris. Having completed his Ph.D. about new urbanity for the city of the next millennium in the mid-90’s, d’Ascia has continued his research and experimentation in this specialized typology by taking on projects that explore transportation hubs as urban linkages between the public and the surrounding context of the cities. D’Ascia’s practice today continues to focus on projects—transit hubs and high-speed rail stations, cultural and housing developments—that connect to their surrounding context and the public. With a number of such projects in the works for Silvio d’Ascia Architecture and an upcoming book on rail stations of the future, d’Ascia discusses the importance of well-designed public spaces and his research in the area of transportation architecture.



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