"Le Jardinier" by ADHOC architects

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ADHOC architects
Design Team
Jean-Francois St-Onge, François Martineau, Maude Bilodeau
Landscape architecture.- turquoise design inc Structural engineer.- L2C Experts Advice
Site area: 989 m² Gross building area: 749 m²

Jean François St-Onge, François Martineau ADHOC architects

ADHOC architects, specialized in re-establishing building potential and value, the firm offers architectural services based on client’s cooperation and satisfaction and aimed towards overall success of a project in terms of aesthetic, functional, economic and environmental aspects. The agency was created by Jean François St-Onge and François Martineau, two architects with two different but united and complementary personalities.

The firm’s main objective is highlighting a site’s inherent qualities through an innovative, contextual and poetic architecture. Thus, to form an ADHOC team is to establish a work organization system outside of traditional structures intended to solve a specific problem. Reflecting an innovative and multi-faceted practice specific to ADHOC architects, this transversal approach aims for an undeniable level of quality and to create a truly collaborative and multidisciplinary research and design laboratory.



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