LEO offices by llLab.

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Project team
Luis Ricardo, Hanxiao Liu.
4,461  m².
Shanghai, China.
llLab, Peter Dixie for LOTAN Architectural Photography.

Hanxiao Liu, Luís Ricardo, David Correa and Taichi Kuma. llLab.

llLab. is a design studio based in Shanghai, Porto, Toronto and Stuttgart operating within the fields of architecture, design, art, urbanism, research and development. The studio is led by four partners Hanxiao Liu, Luis Ricardo, David Correa and Taichi Kuma. Their work focuses on using design as a tool to improve social and cultural life, looking for various scales, from urban projects to micro-architecture or installations. The principals are driven by an experimental and playful approach that leads to conceptually rigorous and well-executed design projects.

llLab. founders Hanxiao Liu and Luís Ricardo started their own practice after they met in the German office haascookzemmrich STUDIO 2050, where they worked as core members in various international projects, to point out one of the 6 shortlisted finalists from the 1,715 submissions received for the Guggenheim Helsinki Competition, among other projects including the Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center and the Fragrant Lake Residential District in Beijing.

Hanxiao Liu and Luís Ricardo in addition to there series of award-winning design, they also worked in SOM in New York and RCR Arquitects in Olot, Barcelona, respectively.




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