MAD's Chaoyang Park Plaza in the eye of Iwan Baan

MAD's Chaoyang Park Plaza in the eye of Iwan Baan
[Beijing] China
Chaoyang Park Plaza in Beijing by MAD Architects. Photograph © Iwan Baan
These images, showing a different perspective of MAD's new Beijing skyscraper complex, was taken by Dutch photographer Iwan Baan capture these new mountainous skyscraper.
Chaoyang Park Plaza, 10 rounded structures of 220,000 sqm, were completed by MAD earlier this year. Baan paid attention on contrast and his photographs are juxtaposed with a skyline dominated by repetitive blocks.

"Iwan Baan visited Beijing in early August, when the summer heat and humid climate left a heaviness in the air – one that could be seen and felt. Over the course of the days he was scheduled to shoot Chaoyang Park Plaza, he was dealt less than ideal photographic conditions. But, this is real Beijing, and it offered Iwan Baan the opportunity to photograph MAD's latest project in its truest environment."

With the grey atmosphere looming, Iwan Baan was able to capture our project in a way that evokes a different mood. In his images, Chaoyang Park Plaza, even with its soft, organic lines, and poetic silhouette, offer a very strong visual contrast to its surrounding urban setting.

We want to blur the boundary between nature and the artificial, and make it so that both are designed with the other in mind. Then, the argument in the modern logic of humans to protect or to destroy nature will no longer exist if we understand and see humans and nature as co-existing. Human behavior and emotion is part of nature, and nature is where that originates and ends," more


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MAD is a Beijing-based architecture design office dedicated to creating innovative projects. The firm combines sophisticated design philosophy with advanced technology in addressing and furthering issues in contemporary architecture and urbanity.

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Beijing-born architect Ma Yansong is recognized as an important voice in a new generation of architects. Since the founding of MAD in 2004, his works in architecture and art have been widely published and exhibited. He graduated from the Beijing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Ma attended Yale University after receiving the American Institute of Architects Scholarship more