Minimalism as an essence to cross. Footbridge in Příbor by Petr Tej, Marek Blank and Jan Mourek

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Project team
Architect and bridge engineer.- Petr Tej. Architect.- Marek Blank. Bridge engineer.- Jan Mourek.
Contractors documentation.- Valbek, (Lukáš Vráblík). Supervision.- Klokner Institute CTU in Prague, (Jiří Kolísko). Producer of UHPC.- KŠ PRAFA, Štětí, (Jan Marek). Contractor company.- Strabag.
Gross Floor Area.- 90 sqm. Plot size.- 456 sqm.
Project year.- 2016. Completion year.- 2018.
Příbor, Czech Republic.

Petr Tej, Marek Blank, Jan Mourek. Tej, Blank, Mourek

Petr Tej, Marek Blank and Jan Mourek are a group of engineers and architects who are dedicated to the projection of architectural and structural designs, and to the realization of UHPFRC bridge structures (Holešovice-Karlín Bridge in Prague, Příbor Bridge, Bridge over the Dřetovický stream, etc.).

Petr Tej (09/16/1978 - Mělník, Czech Republic) is an architect and bridge engineer. Marek Blank is an architect, and Jan Mourek is a bridge engineer. All co-authors are members of the CTU of the Klokner Institute in Prague.



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