Nature monument tourist complex. The Vagar, Country House by Filipe Pina and David Bilo

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fp-a.-Filipe Pina.
dbarquitectos.- David Bilo.
Project team
Inspection.- David Bilo.
Engineering.- José Carlos Cardoso Ferreira.
Landscape.- Ricardo Campos.
Illustrations.- André Teixeira.
Diana Cruz.
425.60 sqm.
Serra da Esperança, Belmonte, Portugal.
Taps.- OFA.
Electrical equipment.- Efapel.
Frames.- Anicolor.
Salamanders and recuperators.- Solzaima.

Filipe Pina. Filipe pina arquitectura

Filipe pina arquitectura is an architectural studio created by Filipe Pina in 2015, located in Guarda, in the interior of Portugal.
Their previous collaborations, both national and international, together with the different partnerships they initiated, allow them to undertake endeavours and challenges, regardless of their size and scale.

Their aim is to work on the borderline of the vernacular and the contemporary, trying to reflect local realities and experiencing people's daily lives. Turning these experiences into projects is the result of a constant intellectual search and a close relationship with their clients. Ultimately, the main result of his work is the execution of economical and sustainable buildings with the highest possible quality standards.

In 2014, with the JA House* project, he was shortlisted for DomusWeb's "Best of Architecture".

David Bilo. David Bilo arq

David Bilo was born in the outskirts of Paris in 1984, he graduated in architecture at Darq (architecture department of the FCT Universidade de Coimbra) in 2009. He studied at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette from 2005 to 2006 as part of the Erasmus programme.

He participated in the winning project of the 2007 Universities Award at the Lisbon Triennale. In 2008, he was part of the team that won the local prize in the 18th Iberian Pladur Competition. In 2010 he did an internship at Atelier Celestino Pissarra Arquitetura lda, and in 2011 he did an internship at Atelier Terrafacil lda. In 2012 he started working as a freelance architect, as well as several collaborations with Filipe Pina Arquitectura.



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