Navarre studio GVG (Galar-Vélaz-Gil) winner of the Railway Museum contest in former Delicias station

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Daniel Galar Irurre, Josecho Vélaz Ballesteros, Javier Gil Ayesa. GVG Estudio

GVG Estudio consists of an interdisciplinary team managed by Daniel Galar Irurre, Josecho Vélaz Ballesteros and Javier Gil Ayesa. Thanks to our large team of collaborators we are able to cover large scale projects.

We have more than 20 years of architectural experience and numerous works, which have been built, awarded and published all over the world. Yet, we still turn every day into a new challenge in which we put all our knowledge and enthusiasm at the customer´s and the project´s service, regardless its magnitude.

Our working method practices a complementary relationship between the conceptualized idea adapted to the local issues and the resolution of complex layouts focusing on utility, beauty and economic sustainability.



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