New pedagogy shaping an innovative school. Adolfsberg School by LLP Arkitektkontor

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Site area.- 24300 sqm. Total gross floor area.- 8132 sqm.
Construction.- 2016-2019.
Knivsta, Sweden.

Fredrik Larsson, Tor Lindstrand, Mattias Palme. LLP Arkitektkontor

The architecture office of Larsson Lindstrand Palme (LLP) started in 2001. Over the years the office has come to specialize in the field of public architecture, with commissions for schools, health care, sport facilities, libraries, art centers, community properties and public space.

The work, ranging from city planning to interiors, has been nominated and awarded several times, and published in a number of magazines both nationally and internationally. The goal of the practice is to achieve a functional and high-quality architecture for the end users; how can architecture become a tool to maximize use value from limited resources?

LLP engages in several contexts of public architecture, from developing concepts for new educational space, teaching at schools of architecture, lecturing, publishing and exhibitions to realizing complex programs into public buildings. The office is currently expanding with several new clients and commissions under way.



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