An open place, a timeless place where you can live and work flexibly. Loft A by a r r o v a

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a r r o v a. Architects.- Enrique Rojo, Cristina Vergara.
Structural analysis.- Sara Bonet. Contractor.- Construcciones Bakaikoa.
226,15 sqm.
€ 184,768,90.
Development: October 2018-August 2020.
Carpentry.- Lakumatek / Carpintería Carrera. Metal frameworks.- Renoven.
Pamplona, Spain.

Atelier Rojo - Vergara. a r r o v a

a r r o v a. Constraints transformed into architectural forms.  a r r o v a  is committed to confront idealism with an inventory of realities trough narrative and analysis to form increasingly measured relationships between spaces and architectural typologies.

Enrique Rojo.- Studies in Architecture at the University of Navarra ETSAUN. Collaborated with his Third-Year-Studio Professors alcolea+tarrago in 2010-2011. Postgraduate Master at the Sheffield School of Architecture SSoA after the submission and approval of his dissertation Roof as Duality of Meaning tutored by Prof. Peter Blundell Jones. Was granted a Leonardo Scholarship in 2013, moving to Switzerland to work at office Raumbureau in Zurich between 2013 and 2015. PhD candidate at the ETSAUN with the thesis There and Back of Modern Ideals: European Influences in Japanese Architecture during the Interwar Period, including a Research Stay at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture gta Zurich under the supervision of the institution’s director, Prof.Vittorio Magnano Lampugnani. Established  a r r o v a  in 2018 with Cristina Vergara with offices both in Pamplona and Zurich.

Cristina Vergara.- Studies in Architecture at the University of Navarra ETSAUN. During her student period, she collaborated with IDOM in 2010-2011. Was granted a scholarship to work outside the EU and moved to Shanghai to integrate in David Chipperfield Architects in 2012 and 2013, participating in competitions and projects such as the JNBY Headquarters  in Hangzhou. Changed to Zurich to work for EM2N Architekten from 2013 onwards, designing and executing Heuried Sports Centre also in Zurich, the ongoing Commercial Area in Quartier Heidestrasse in Berlin and Stadtpark Residence in the swiss city of Uster. Established  a r r o v a  in 2018 with Enrique Rojo with offices both in Pamplona and Zurich, combining the architectural practice with fashion design.



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