Pedestrian Walkway, Clara Campoamor Square and future New High-Speed Train Station by Estudio Herreros

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estudio Herreros. Architects.- Juan Herreros, Jens Richter. Competition.- estudioHerreros with the collaboration of R&AS. Concept Design.- estudioHerreros and INECO with the collaboration of R&AS. Schematic Design and Construction Documents.- Architecture: estudioHerreros; Engineering: Prointec. Structure: BACBCG.
Design team
Architecture project director (estudioHerreros).- Abraham Piñate (Schematic Design and Construction Documents), Víctor Lacima (Concept Design) Architecture project collaborators (estudioHerreros).- Martha Sosa-Dias, Irene Rodríguez, Manuel García-Lechúz, Alberto Martín, Juan Carlos Bragado, Beatriz Salinas, María Escudero, Alex Orive, Ana Torrecilla, Raúl García, José Baldó, Inma Soler.
Engineering Collaborators (Prointec).- Belén Perez-Pujazón, Jose Luis Puertas, Luis Encinas. Structure collaborators (BACBCG).- Xavier Aguiló, José Manuel Ruizfornells, Pablo Anaya, Alejandro Nava, Alberto Tevar. Infographics.- Berga & González. Basic And Execution Project.- Abraham Piñate.
ADIF. Xunta de Galicia.
Areas.- High-Speed Train Station: 5,350m²; Pedestrian Walkway: 2,350m²; Clara Campoamor Square: 3,600m²; Station’s Square: 1,550m²; Urbanization, Parkings and Logistic Platform: 22,400m².
Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
Juan Rodríguez, Elías Costal Rodríguez, Ángel Cid.

Juan Herreros, Jens Richter. Estudio Herreros

estudioHerreros. In 2014, its Founding Partner Juan Herreros transformed Herreros Arquitectos into Estudio Herreros with the intention of opening up its practice to a partnership based configuration with which an international agenda can be approached while building on a solid national reputation. The first architect to become a partner is Jens Richter, who was Director of the firm after 10 years of collaboration with Juan Herreros.

Estudio Herreros is a Madrid-based architecture practice operating worldwide, employing about 20 architects from different nationalities, that has important achievements in the art world such as the Edward Munch Museum in Oslo, currently under construction, the re-qualification of the exhibition areas of the Reina Sofía Museum, the contemporary art space SOLO in Madrid and a number of designs for art fairs, galleries, exhibitions, or artist studios such as Luis Gordillo's.

The list of significant projects of estudioHerreros includes the intermodal station of Santiago, the Ágora-Bogotá event center in Colombia and the Tacubaya Strategic Plan in Mexico, along with achievements in Spain, Korea, Panama, Uruguay, France, Morocco, etc.



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