Climatic comfort for 40 homes. Mirador de la Albaida by Gabriel Verd Arquitectos + Buró4 Arquitectos

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Project team
Gabriel Verd Gallego. Ramón Cuevas Rebollo. Jesús Díaz Gómez. Jorge Ferral Seville. Installations.-Suringenieria.-Luis Romero. Pedro Martinez. Zoraida Curiel. Structures.-Calconsa.
Rosario Rodríguez Cazorla. Antonio Alonso Campaña. Isabel Jiménez López. Ismael Ferral Sevilla. Isabel González Lagos. Ruth Martínez González. Carlos Sánchez Sanabria. Olga Muñoz López. Rafael Jiménez Rodríguez.
Quantity surveyors José Luis Luque Ruiz.-Construction management. Manuelcansino technical architecture SLP.-Project.
4.760 sqm + 1.750 garage sqm.
Construction completion.-January 2021.
Cerámicas La Paloma.-facing bricks iceberg and escorial models. Magosa.-metal lattice. Technal.-technal soleal Fy55 and Gy55 model windows. Daixalux.-emergency lights. Porcelanosa.-ceramic wall tiles (floors and walls in kitchens and bathrooms). Roca.-sanitary. Grohe.-taps. Porcelanosa.-laminate flooring. IberPlaco.-dry partition wall. Isover.-isolations. Gecol.-waterproofing mortars.
José Aguilar de Dios Street. Córdoba. Spain.

Gabriel VERD

Gabriel Verd, ( Granada , 1975) Graduated in Architecture at the Technical Superior School of Architecture (ETSA) of Seville in 2001, from 2001 to 2003 collaborated with Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra.

Verd has been invited as visiting professor at the Architecture School of Cagliari (Italy) and participated as professor in the Master of Renewable Energy: Architecture and Urbanism at the International University of Andalusia since 2005. Verd is also counsellor of the College of Architects of Seville (since 2011) and in November 2014, he was invited to join the Foundation for Contemporary Architecture (Fundación de Arquitectura Contemporánea). He has given conferences in Melbourne, Venice, London, Ferrara, Vicenza, Bologna, Madrid, Lucca, Seville, Concepción... In addition, his work has been published in national and international reviews.


Ramón Cuevas Rebollo. Buró4 Arquitectos

Since the company was founded in 2006, buró4 has been working in the territory and in the urban reality with the capacity to cover the complete cycle of a project, from the definition of objectives, planning and management, to the construction of the architectural object. The company, in turn, has the capacity to work in specific areas of urban planning, urban development, architectural and environmental prevention processes.

Ramón Cuevas Rebollo is the Managing Director and Founding Partner of buró4. The studio is made up of a team of professionals including Jesús Díaz Gómez, Jorge Ferral Sevilla, Gabriel Verd, Isabel Jiménez López, Ismael Ferral Sevilla, Antonio Alonso Campaña and Rosario Rodríguez Cazorla.

Buró4 is characterised by its control of the entire process, from preliminary analysis, strategy design, negotiations and document production, to monitoring and support for administrative procedures, and concluding with all the necessary steps and work until the client's objectives have been achieved.

The differentiating element of bureau4 is the ability to lead teams of specialists, providing the direction and management that coordinates and generates a unique interlocution from the idea to the execution of the project. The experience acquired in full-cycle processes prepares us to preventively detect problems inherent to any process, in such a way that allows us to offer integral solutions that make projects viable and develop them within coherent deadlines, guaranteeing their technical quality and economic and environmental sustainability.

Buró4 carries out its main activity throughout Spain. It also has proven experience in South America, both in municipal and territorial planning, as well as in architectural and environmental works, mainly in Panama and Colombia. Together with its national and international partners it covers countries such as Honduras, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, as well as Eastern European countries.



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