The rebirth of Bruges' architecture through the renovation of the Gruuthuse museum by B juxta architecten

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Project team
Eef de Clercq, Jan De Kesel, Mieke Goegebuer, Astrid Ossieur, Anneleen Stevens.
City of Bruges.
3,231 sqm.
Completed.- 2018.
Dijver 17, 8000 - Bruges Belgium.

Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen and Sven Grooten and Sebastiaan Leroy. B-architecten, B-bis, B-city and B-juxta

B-architecten, B-bis, B-city, B-juxta. Back in 1997, Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen and Sven Grooten set up an independent office for architecture: B-architecten was born. The three had met during their education in Antwerp and Amsterdam. At the internationally oriented Berlage Institute, it became clear that Evert, Dirk and Sven shared a common design interest. Today, the office is located in Antwerp and Brussels.

Ten years after the foundation of B-architecten, they started a new initiative together with Sebastiaan Leroy: B-bis architecten became an office that focuses on small architectural projects, residential interior design, offices and shops, scenographies for exhibitions and performing arts, temporary installations and furniture design.

In 2020, B-city was launched as a third B-platform with the aim to shape and supervise complex urban projects. The core of its ambition is to work on large-scale projects that carry the potential of becoming new city districts.

Today, B is the sum of four studio divisions called B-architecten, B-bis, B-city and B-juxta have naturally grown into an office of more than 60 people. Each B-team has its particular focus and way of functioning, yet they all share a distinct innovative view on the variety of projects the B-platforms stand for.
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