Revitalization of the boardwalk. Albanian Carpet by Casanova + Hernandez Architects

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Project team
Helena Casanova, Jesus Hernandez.
Engineering.- Sphaera.
30,000 sqm.
Year began.- 2019. Year completed.- 2020.
Shiroka, Shkodra, Albania.

Helena Casanova. Jesus Hernandez. CASANOVA + HERNANDEZ ARCHITECTS

Helena Casanova (1967) and Jesus Hernandez (1967) are Spanish architects, urban planners and landscape architects. 

In 2001 they founded Casanova + Hernandez architecten in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and in 2011 they extended their firm by creating Casanova+Hernandez Think Tank, an independent research platform to be able to professionally analyze local relevant socio-political, historical and financial issues. The findings of this think-tank research are regularly applied to the design process of each of CHA's projects, enriching them significantly. In August 2018, they have opened a branch in Tirana, Albania, to operate in the area of the Balkans.

The agency has been awarded in several international competitions, such as the Marubi National Photo Museum in Albania, the National Historical Museum in Albania, the Ceramic Museum in Jinzhou, China, the masterplan for Lichterfelde Süd in Berlin, Germany, the Cooltower in Rotterdam (NL), Europan 6 in Groningen (NL) and Europan 7 in The Hague (NL).

Both have been visiting professors at the Berlage Institute, TU Delft, Architecture University in Shenzhen, Lebanese American University, University of Navarra, Spain.
They are the authors of several books such as 'Building Knowledge in Interdisciplinary Design' (2015, Damdi Publishers, Seoul), 'Public Space Acupuncture' (2014, Actar Publishers, New York) and 'Scale and Perception' (2013, Wasmuth Publishers, Berlin).
In recent years they have become focused on strategic thinking and developing cultural and sustainable tourism networks, from development plans on the territorial scale to technical phases of museums, museological projects, and tourism routes in natural environments.



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