Reggio School and the Gabriel García Márquez Library, FAD 2023 “ex aequo” Prize

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Andrés Jaque, holds a Ph.D. in architecture. He is the founder of the Office for Political Innovation and the Dean of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University, New York.

In 2014 he received the Silver Lion at the 14th Mostra Internazionale di Architettura, Biennale di Venezia.

He is the author of award-winning projects such as Plasencia Clergy House (Dionisio Hernández Gil Prize), House in Never Never Land (Mies Van der Rohe European Union Award's finalist), TUPPER HOME (X Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo), or ESCARAVOX (COAM Award 2013). He has also developed architectural performances as well as installations that question political frameworks through architectural practice; including IKEA Disobedients (MoMA Collection, 2011); PHANTOM. Mies as Rendered Society (Mies Barcelona Pavilion, 2012) or Superpowers of Ten (Lisbon Triennale, 2014).

Andrés Jaque is a Professor of Advanced Design at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP) and Visiting Professor at Princeton University's School of Architecture.

Elena Orte, Guillermo Sevillano. SUMA Arquitectura

SUMA arquitectura is an international studio based in Madrid, founded and led by Elena Orte and Guillermo Sevillano in 2005. It is formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who participate in the design process: architects, engineers, agronomists, landscape architects, experts in sustainability, architectural communication, sociologists, etc. They produces singular architectures that challenge the limits of traditional architecture.

Elena Orte and Guillermo Sevillano are rchitects graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM), Master in Advanced Architectural Design from the same school and from Columbia University in New York, respectively. They are currently professors at the Escuela Politécnica ETSA in Madrid and at the IAAC in Barcelona. They has participated in different exhibitions (IFEMA Madrid Fair, Matadero, EMVS, Fresh Madrid) and conferences in New York, Beijing, Austria, Turkey, Australia, Luxembourg, Latvia.

They has won several national and international competitions including the Gabriel García Márquez Library in Barcelona, the Library and Multipurpose Center of Fuerteventura (both called by municipalities), 91 public housing units in San Francisco Javier and 73 public housing units in San Sebastián de los Reyes (both for the municipal housing and land company of Madrid). They have also been selected and awarded prizes in competitions such as the Helsinki Central Library and the Verín Arts Center in Galicia. Also they has exhibitions (IFEMA Madrid Fair, Matadero, EMVS, Fresh Madrid) and conferences in New York, Beijing, Austria, Turkey, Australia, Luxembourg, Latvia. Recently, the Gabriel García Márquez Library received the NAN award for best equipment/large infrastructure.

Vidal Tomás Arquitectes. Jorge Vidal

Jorge Vidal Tomás architect, graduated from ‘Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona’ (ETSAB) in 2005.  He studied at the Academy of Architecture Mendrisio in 2004. During that time, he worked with Peter Zumthor Atelier and Valerio Olgiati Atelier.  Furthermore, he studied in Greece with Ella Zenghelis thanks to a scholarship awarded to him by the Mies Van der Rohe Foundation.  He is, at present, preparing his Ph.D. at ETSAB.

He is a professor of Studio Projects at ETSAB and director of the series of lectures known as Foros ESARQ at the Universidad Internacional de Cataluña.  He has taught as a guest speaker at many schools of architecture.  In addition to his academic commitments, he lectures extensively all over Spain and also abroad.  He writes regularly about architecture.

Marcos Catalán, Marta Garcia Orte. Marcos Catalán and Marta Garcia Orte Studio

Marcos Catalán & Marta Garcia Orte Studio are an architecture and design studio based in Barcelona. It was founded in 2006 by Marcos Catalán under the name "Marcos Catalan, Studio", and in 2017 it was associated with Marta García Orte. Currently, both run the studio. They have extensive experience spanning more than 15 years. His work has been recognized with numerous awards (Fad Awards, Girona Region Architecture Biennial, Saloni Awards, etc.) and has been widely disseminated in specialized magazines.

Marcos Catalán graduated in Design from the Elisava School in Barcelona in 1997. After collaborating in different architecture studios, in 2006 he founded “Marcos Catalan, Studio,” developing comprehensive architecture, interior design, and product design projects. Currently, he combines professional practice with teaching, teaching classes in different Master's degrees in Interior Design at Elisava. He has taught at various design schools in Catalonia and Spain and has been invited as a lecturer at the CEDIM University of Architecture and Design in Monterrey, Mexico.

Marta García Orte is a graduate in architecture from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Barcelona-ETSAB (Barcelona, 2005). She collaborated with different national and international architecture firms until, in 2010, she founded her own studio, developing comprehensive architecture projects. In parallel, she has completed the Master in Construction Management at La Salle Barcelona - ETSALS (Barcelona, 2007) and the Master in Architecture from the Barcelona Institute of Architecture - MBIArch (Barcelona, 2010). From 2012 to the present, he combines professional practice with teaching activity at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, teaching project subjects, university competitions, and temporary installations, winning the Urban Plunge and LlumBcn 2019 awards.

Juan Creus, Covadonga Carrasco. CREUSeCARRASCO

CREUSeCARRASCO is an architecture studio based in A Coruña founded in 1994 by Juan Creus (Cée, 1966), doctor of architecture and tenured professor of projects at the ETSA of A Coruña, and Covadonga Carrasco (Ribadeo, 1965).

In 2021 they have been Mentioned by the CSCAE Spanish Architecture Award and the Galician Architecture Award for the Social Center in Cornido. Also Second Prize for the Juana de Vega Architecture Award for Casa Elías in Corcubión and, with a project about the Cans Festival, they participated again in the Venice Architecture Biennale with the Spanish Pavilion. They are creators of the recent MUV, Art Center of the María José Jove Foundation, the first 100% virtual museum in Spain. In 2016 they received the Galician Architecture Award and the BEAU Award (both for Casa Chao in Corcubión), also participating (with Remodeling of the Port of Malpica) in the Venice Architecture Biennale with the Spanish Pavilion, winner of the Golden Lion They have been nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award (2015 - Casa Chao) and won the Ar+d Emerging Architecture Award, granted by Architectural Review and the RIBA (2011 - Malpica). They were also Special Mention at the FAD Awards (2014 - Casa Chao) and Special Mention of the Jury at the BEAU (2011 - Malpica). They have won the ENOR Galicia Award (2007 – Lonja de Fisterra), COAG de Obra Nova (2011 – Casa Mercedes in A Coruña), Espazo Público (2011 - Malpica and 2000 – Plaza in Lugo) and Rehabilitation (2002 – Fundación Luís Seoane) , as well as the Juana de Vega Architecture Award (2018 – Casa C, 2015 – Casa Chao and 2013 – Casa en Redonda). In 2007 they were the participating Galician studio in the V Encontros Internacionais de Arquitectura. There are different monographic publications on his work, such as the books 1+1 (Uzina), Architecture 2000-2012 (TC), Remodeling of the Port of Malpica (OYS), Lonxa de Fisterra (Atlante) and Fundación Luis Seoane (Concello da Coruña).

Juan Creus is the creator and co-director of the magazine O monografías and author of books such as A Terra das Mil Belezas, Terra o Viaxe á Fin da Terra (also with Covadonga Carrasco), both collaborate in different magazines and forums related to the territory and the architecture. From his studio they publish the magazine RESINA. With his interventions they intend to reinvent the nearby landscape as a generic form.

Alberto Redondo Porto, José Valladares Durán, Marcial Rodríguez Rodríguez. rvr arquitectos

rvr arquitectos is an architecture studio founded by Alberto Redondo Porto, José Valladares Durán, Marcial Rodríguez Rodríguez with headquarters in Santiago de Compostela. The studio has extensive experience in outdoor environment work as well as in home design.

They have been awarded several times with prizes such as the Juana de Vega Prize for Interventions in Heritage 2017, the World Heritage Cities Prize or the V Enor Galicia Prize.

Javier Jiménez Iniesta. Studio Animal

Studio Animal is a design studio based in Barcelona and Madrid specializing in interior design projects and ephemeral architecture. It is directed by Javier Jiménez Iniesta, who received his architecture degree from the School of Architecture of Alicante, graduating with Honors in 2007. He combines his professional activity with teaching and academic research. Currently he is professor at the Master´s program of Interior Design at the European Institute of Design and the School of Design Elisava.

Studio Animal deals with the development of proposals related to ultra-contemporary thinking and its relationship to the environment in which we live in. The redefinition of spaces and atmospheres inhabited by the contemporary subject, is the backbone of their work; in pursuit of a super-optimistic future for the potential inhabitants of their architectural designs. Studio Animal moves from the small scale of industrial design to the planning and development of a brand´s image and the integral design of spatial proposals; progressively specializing in the design of all types of interior spaces and offering custom designed projects to each client, always under an architectural approach.

The work of Studio Animal has been cataloged in the last two editions of biannual Arquia Próxima Awards. They have also been awarded several national and international awards, such as the Pasajes-Iguzzini Prize, the FAD Awards of Architecture and Interiorism (finalist and shortlisted), the ADG Laus Awards (bronze in Spatial Design) and the International Media Award in China (Winner). Their work has appeared in various specialized publications such as OnDiseño, Detail, Proyecto Contract, Diseño Interior or Pasaje de Arquitectura y Crítica.

Architects Michèle and Miquel

Michèle & Miquel is an architecture urbanism and landscape atelier, based in Barcelona, Spain and Toulouse, Francia. It was founded in 1996 by Michèle Orliac and Miquel Batlle.

The team take part in the development of public spaces, urban facilities, strategic points, urban peculiar situations…etc. The philosophy of their work lies in the relationship between the city, architecture and nature, urban planning and landscape architecture and the articulation of different scales: from territorial scale to detail.

Throughout the professional life of the study, many projects have been developed in different topics such as Public spaces and urban facilities (Hortus wineries in Valflaunes, Wallon Marcadau refuge in the National Park of Pyrenees, or the canopies in Vieux Boucau); Director plan of public spaces (Director plan beach in VIEUX BOUCAU in the Atlantic Ocean).

Many projects have been recognized in national and international awards including:

By The Dark Line: AFEX Award 2023 (FR), BEAU XVI Award (ESP), Landezine International Landscape Award 2023, Arquin fad 2023 (ESP), IFLA ASIA PAC Excellence Award 2023, Architettura LOVERS il Premio 2023 (ITA), INT. design Grand Prix du Design paysage & territoires 2023, (CAN), WLA Merit Award Winner 2023, Taiwan Environment Lighting 2023, Building of the Year METALOCUS 2023 (ESP).
Award, The 7th Taiwan Landscape 2019.
First prize in the FAD 2017 award. International category with the project Le Jardin NIEL in TOULOUSE, France.
Selected in the international Mies van der Rohe 2017 award with the project Winery in Montpellier, France.
First prize in the FAD 2011 award, landscape and city category, with de project Aigües Park in Figueres, Spain.
First prize in the Trophées de l’aménagement Urbain award three times: at Pams Port Street in Vendres, France; at the ARLES SUR TECH square, France; and at the fairground in Treffort, France.

Mary English

Mary English. Practicing Architect who joined the Auburn faculty after teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects (2011–2015).

Mary English is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the Auburn University School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, where she teaches Design Studio, Materials, and Methods of Construction and Parametric Design.

Interest areas in research and practice: Mary’s research and creative work are centered on the design and fabrication of material structures. Her current material focus is ceramic.

Xavier Vendrell Studio

Xavier Vendrell founded in 1999 Xavier Vendrell Studio Chicago/Barcelona, a collaborative practice of architecture, landscape and design.

Xavier Vendrell studied architecture in his native city of Barcelona, where he has been practicing architecture since 1983. His work embraces a range of scales from landscape architecture, urban design, public buildings, housing and interior design.

In 1988, his office won the competition for the Poblenou Park in the Olympic Village of Barcelona. His office (Ruisanchez-Vendrell, Architects) was involved in several other projects for the 1992 Olympic Games. Xavier Vendrell won the FAD Award in 1997 for the Riumar School. He has also taught at the Barcelona School of Architecture (1990-1998). He has lectured across Europe, USA and Latin America. He has been visiting Professor at Washington University, School of Architecture in St. Louis, Missouri in 1994 and 1996, and visiting professor at School of Architecture, College of Architecture and the Arts, University of Illinois at Chicago in 1997, 1998 and 1999 as the Jens Jensen Visiting Professor in Landscape Urbanism. His works and projects have been published in magazines and books, and presented in several exhibitions internationally. He was co-founder, in 1986, of A30 Edicions d’Architecture and he has written numerous articles for journals.


Carles Enrich (Barcelona, 1980) graduated at the ETSAB in Barcelona in 2005. From the beginning of his career he has combined his professional work with research, and obtained a Master degree in Theory and Practice of Architectural Projects from the UPC where he is currently a PhD Candidate. His thesis deals with the temporary occupations in the public space in Barcelona.

Associate lecturer in Projects at the ETSAB since 2016. From 2008 to 2017, he taught Projects and Urban Design at the Reus School of Architecture and, in 2015, Projects at the ETSAV. He was also visiting professor in the Extra-Local workshop organised by Columbia GSAPP in 2019, has collaborated on international master’s degrees such as the BIARCH in 2012 and the master’s degree in Restoration at the UPC in 2014, and directed the Vertical Workshop at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture in 2018.

Carles Enrich’s aim of producing practice-based knowledge led him in 2013 to set up Carles Enrich Studio, where he develops projects that cover the entire habitable territory, from the domestic sphere to landscape. The quality and rigour of the practice’s built work are endorsed by consecutive nominations for the European Union Mies Award (2017, 2019) and the Lisbon Triennale Début Award 2016; the Spanish Architecture and Urban Design Biennale Awards in 2016 and 2018, the FAD Opinion Prize in 2016, and the AJAC Awards in 2012, 2016 and 2018. They were also recognised in the studio’s participation in the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012, with the exhibition Context in “Architectural Rowers” in the Catalan Pavilion and, in 2016, as part of the exhibition Unfinished, which earned the Spanish Pavilion the Biennale’s Golden Lion.




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