Intervallum to connect eras. Expansion of the Professional Training Center by PALENZVELA

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PALENZVELA. Taller de Arquitectura.- Antonio Palenzuela Navarro.
Project team
José Gabriel Bayo, Antonio J. García Amat.
Junta de Andalucia. Ministry of Education.
Built area.- 548,20sqm.
Construction completion year.- 2020.
Brenes, Seville, Spain.

Antonio Palenzuela. PALENZVELA

Antonio Palenzuela Navarro is an Architect from the University of Granada (2006), a Master in Heritage and Architecture from the University of Seville (2014), and a master in Representation and Design of Engineering and Architecture from the University of Malaga (2022). From his childhood and adolescence he was impregnated by the exuberance of the Alhambra in Granada, the color of Barcelona's modernism and the timeless monumentality of Rome.

He has spent more than 20 years studying and developing an architecture committed to the place where he was founded, limiting his area of action to the Mediterranean area, particularly in the south and southeast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Hence the Mediterranean nature of its proposal, which is essentially based on a philosophy of space conception whose method consists of approaching the buildings and their environment as a whole and where everything is architecture, establishing bridges of union between the existing and the new to be built, between the ancient and the modern.

Any scale of action, whether a school, a house or a small rehabilitation, goes back to a constant set of concerns with functionality, volume, surface, proportion, geometry, light, color and atmosphere.

Some of the awards and recognitions it has received in recent years are: the ARCO 2017-2018 award in the category of Equipment for the Extension of the La Mojonera Cemetery, awarded by the Official College of Architects of Almería COAAL, the inclusion of some of his works in the House of Architecture dependent on the General Directorate of Architecture of MITMA or 1st prizes in competitions organized by the Department of Education of the Junta de Andalucía.



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